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1. Périodique
Unchs ( habitat) shelter bulletin [Périodique]Publication: PO Box 30030 Nairobi, Kenya : United Nations centre for human settlements (habitat), 1994Availability: No items available

2. Périodique
The Economist [Périodique]Publication: PO Box 14, Harold Hill, Romford RM3 8EQ, Angleterre : The economist newspaper LimitedAvailability: No items available

3. Périodique
Newsweek [Périodique]Publication: 444, MADISON AVENUE, NEW YORK, 10029 ETATS-UNIS : Newsweek Inc., 1968Availability: No items available

4. Périodique
The CEPII newsletter [Périodique]Publication: 9, rue Georges Pitard 75740 Paris Cedex France : Centre d'études prospectives et d'informations internationales, 1994Availability: No items available

5. Périodique
Middle East and North Africa [Périodique]Publication: Europa Publications, 1966Availability: No items available

6. Périodique
International Family Planning Perspectives [Périodique]Publication: 120, Wall Street New York N.Y. 1000, U.S.A. : International Family Planning Perspectives, 1975Availability: No items available

7. Périodique
The world bank research observer [Périodique]Publication: 1818 H STREET N.W. WASHINGTON, D.C.20433, U.S.A. : Banque mondiale, 1994Availability: No items available

8. Périodique
International Legal Materials [Périodique]Publication: 2223 MASSACHUSETTS AV. N.W.,WAS__WASHINGTON D.C 20008-2864 U.S.A : american society of international law, 1993Availability: No items available

9. Périodique
The free China journal [Périodique]Publication: 2, Tientsin Street, Taipei, Taiwan Republic of China : The government office of the republic of China, 1992Availability: No items available

10. Périodique
Habitat news [Périodique]Publication: P.O. Box 30030 Nairobi, Kenya : UNITED NATIONS CENTRE FOR HUMAN SETTLEMENTS, 1993Availability: No items available

11. Périodique
Journal of the networkof African countries on local building materials and technologies [Périodique]Publication: PO Box 30030 Nairobi Kenya : United Nations centre for human settlements, 1993Availability: No items available

12. Périodique
The International spectator [Périodique]Publication: Via Angelo Brunetti 9 (Palazzo Rondinini) 00186 Rome : Istituto affair internazionali, 1995Availability: No items available

13. Périodique
The developping economics [Périodique]Publication: Institute of developing economies Tokyo, JAPAN : Institute of developping economiesAvailability: No items available

14. Périodique
International Politics and Society [Périodique]Publication: D-53170 Bonn Germany : Friedrich Ebert Foundation, 1995Availability: No items available

15. Périodique
Financial Times [Périodique]Publication: 42, Rue La Boetie, 75008 Paris France : Financial TimesAvailability: No items available

16. Périodique
Forum [Périodique]Publication: 7 Boulos Hanna street Dokki Cairo Egypt : The économic research forum, 1994Availability: No items available

17. Périodique
Current research in social security [Périodique]Publication: case postale 1 CH-1211 Geneve 22 Suisse : International social security association, 1988Availability: No items available

18. Périodique
The C.T.C. reporter [Périodique]Publication: Room DC2-854 Sales Section United Nations Secretariat New-York 10017, U.S.A. : United Nations publications, 1982Availability: No items available

19. Périodique
Tunisia mail [Périodique]Publication: 3, AV. JEAN-JAURES TUNIS 1001 TUNISIE : The Tunisian external communication agency, 1993Availability: No items available

20. Périodique
Public administration and development [Périodique]Publication: Regent's College Inner Circle Regent's Park London NW 14 NS : R.I.P.A. International Ltd, 1992Availability: No items available